Mattress Cleaning

Getting a good night’s sleep usually starts with a mattress that’s clean and in good shape.  The more  you take care of a mattress the longer it tends to last. Some people kept their mattresses for six to ten years or more and have never cleaned them. Changing the sheets does not remove the contaminants.
Just knowing your mattress is clean can give you peace and give a sense of clam thus you sleep better.
  Dust mites can cause you to have a scratchy irritating throat. It’s not the dust mite itself, its the feces they produce. Removing this can microscopic pest can strongly enhance your immune system.  A two year old pillow can weigh almost three pounds heavier from dust mite feces.  Again just cleaning the pillow cover does not remove the mites.
We sleep in our beds on average ten hours per day. However it’s the place we clean the least. Having your mattresses cleaned can be beneficial to you and your family. Pet bedding works in the same fashion. Eco Earth Cleaning Services can bring down your levels of mites from in the millions to less than one hundred. Be wise and clean your mattress today for a healthier you tomorrow.

When is it a good time to clean your carpets?

What time of year is best to clean your carpets?

Studies have shown that at any point carpets can be cleaned. The carpet and rug institute has determined from the manufactures that carpet cleaning is recommended once a year or no longer than eighteen months. Most homeowners wait for the carpet appearance to show it needs cleaning rather than scheduling a yearly maintenance on having them cleaned. It’s common practice for carpet owners to clean spring or fall and go with the seasonal changes. Having carpets cleaned before the holidays is systematic for some. The look and feel of clean carpets when having holiday guest over is always nice. The warm smell of candles burning in the fall just before Thanksgiving is always nice to coincide with clean carpet. The other is the birds of spring chirping as you open the windows to allow the fresh spring air in. This is another time of year homeowners tend to have carpets cleaned. So back to the question at hand. When is it a good time of year to clean your carpets? Eco Earth Carpet Cleanings answer anytime is always a good time, remember dust and allergens don’t always follow the seasons. Dust mites are a year round problem that live in your carpet and can cause you visits to the local doctor. One certain care that most can do on their own is to vacuum, and not just once a week. Vacuum twice a week is recommended by the Carpet Institute. One trick when vacuuming is to slow down give the suction a chance to work, don’t zip through when pulling out the vacuum. The deep down soil is pressed in and needs more time to shake free and release up into the suction of the vacuum.
Business carpeting should be cleaned twice a year due to more traffic volume. And the vacuuming increased to three times per week.
Don’t wait until your carpet looks dirty to have them cleaned. Take your clothes for example just because they don’t look dirty does not mean your not going to change and wash them. Carpets retain the dust in the air that has filtered down and add the soil that is tracked in from shoes and spills of food to it. Down in your carpet lives a breeding ground for germs and other containment’s. Eco Earth Carpet Cleaning and Sanitizing that serves south Florida along the east coast “one of Florida’s premier carpet cleaning companies” tells their customers at any time you feel carpets should be cleaned to not wait until they show it, have them vacuumed and cleaned on a regular basis. This can cut down on the cost of having to replace carpet before your forced to put more money into your home.

New Technology Sanitizing

The time has come of age where using bleach is no longer needed in cleaning. The toxic gases that emits from the commercial use of bleach today has now shown in studies to be cancer causing to humans and pets. Knowing how bleach is made might be easier to explain why it can cause cancer. You don’t a chemistry degree to understand it.
Bleach is made from direct electrical current that is sent through sodium chloride, which is table salt and water. This separates the atoms of both leaving chlorine and a substance called caustic soda.
When mixed together chlorine and the caustic soda become bleach which is extremely dangerous to your health. Just because salt and water pose no harm to us when together its the process that creates the danger (bleach).
The bleach used in restroom cleaning is very effective in killing most all germs and bacteria, however when mixed with ammonia it creates a deadly gas that is highly toxic and poisonous to all walks of life.
Remember urine contains small amounts if ammonia and when adding bleach to the toilets we create our own household toxic gas that we can’t see. Thus inhaling it and doing more damage than good to you and your family.  Bleach has been around for over a century and was used in making mustard gas that has been known to be used in World Wars.
The gases in bleach at room temperature are related to many birth defects in humans. Bleach is highly corrosive to the skin, lungs and eyes. It can cause most medals to erode and rust, have you ever seen the inside of a used washing machine. The metal basket is corroded and falling apart, not from all the water and use its the bleach that damaging the structure.
Bleach gases increases asthma and allergy symptoms because of the vapors we breath in. It can  cause wheezing along with many other symptoms such as bronchospasm. Sometimes noncardiogenic pulmonary edema which is a lung condition that prevents enough oxygen from getting into the blood.
Animals are more susceptible because of their lung capacity. Their airways are much smaller and the  filling of their lungs with vapors.
Ingestion of fumes from bleach causes damage to the soft tissues in the gastrointestinal tract in humans and pets. There is now technology that can shift the balance between cleaning and cleaning for better health. Eco Earth Cleaning Services has arrived on scene. We are unleashing the electrostatic spraying method. This give’s a one hundred percent coverage that ensure’s the solution is applied to everything in the home. Area’s that are rarely wipe and cleaned are sanitized with ninety nine percent kill ratio of mold, mildew,bacteria and foul odors. This monthly spraying can not only improve your home air quality but also reduce down the microbes that harm our immune system every day. Colds and Flu bacteria are found and destroyed. Leaving a better lifestyle for you and your family.

Musty Smells

Remove Musty Smell

Musty odors can arise from many sources. Musty smells often come from humidity and possible  mean that you have mold forming from somewhere. most all Molds likes a certain environment. First and foremost its damp, dark, and warm. Molds typically grow in places outside of those parameters, but it thrives, growing quickly in places like a shower walls which has a leaky pipe or pipes that sweat from condensation. It doesn’t even have to be a leaky pipe. Loose or separated chalk or grout that allows water to seep.  Mold like’s to hide until it’s ready to be seen. Checking places you don’t always go or see, maybe behind walls or in crawl spaces, and up your attic. Musty smells tend to make things unpleasant and sometimes harmful. Certain materials like chalk or grout and even sheet rock aren’t going to be cleaned from the staining effect of mold. Once these objects have been damaged by moisture and mold they will have o be replace with new material. Take Sheetrock it tends to expand and get weak and fall apart. Dangerous mold can create spore that are seriously un healthy to humans and pets.  Carpet and padding can be come infected and can get stained with moisture and become nasty smelling fairly quick. Cleaning the carpet and having it treated early can help from having to replace it. Always wear protective breathing masks to avoid harmful spores and dirt. A good vacuuming when finished can help. Eco Earth Cleaning Services and Sanitizing can help prevent mold in your home or business from harming you.