Mattress Cleaning

Getting a good night’s sleep usually starts with a mattress that’s clean and in good shape.  The more  you take care of a mattress the longer it tends to last. Some people kept their mattresses for six to ten years or more and have never cleaned them. Changing the sheets does not remove the contaminants.
Just knowing your mattress is clean can give you peace and give a sense of clam thus you sleep better.
  Dust mites can cause you to have a scratchy irritating throat. It’s not the dust mite itself, its the feces they produce. Removing this can microscopic pest can strongly enhance your immune system.  A two year old pillow can weigh almost three pounds heavier from dust mite feces.  Again just cleaning the pillow cover does not remove the mites.
We sleep in our beds on average ten hours per day. However it’s the place we clean the least. Having your mattresses cleaned can be beneficial to you and your family. Pet bedding works in the same fashion. Eco Earth Cleaning Services can bring down your levels of mites from in the millions to less than one hundred. Be wise and clean your mattress today for a healthier you tomorrow.