Carpet Cleaning

Super Low Moisture (OPS) Carpet Cleaning is the new technology in carpet cleaning.
Using the least amount of water and eco-friendly solutions to clean are your way of helping reduce waste for our planet The process is simple less water and a non detergent solution will amaze you in just how nice your carpets can look in minutes not hours and days.

Our first step is to survey the job, then prepare the solution based on needs.
Second step is a thorough dry vacuuming of the area to be cleaned.
Third step is to apply the cleaning solution and allow it to soak in.
Fourth step, the carpet is then agitated and moved around in all directions by an Oscillating Pad Machine that use’s a cotton towel or pad to absorb the moisture. The dirt and grime are taken up and out into the pads. It’s a different cleaning than you have experienced. Our carpet cleaning method gets the soil from around the entire carpet fiber lifting it up and out from your carpets. Any dirt or soil left behind is allowed to dry. The solution as it dries it become a crystal and adheres itself to dirt which makes the final vacuuming a key for the soil deep down to be extracted and removed. Most of the old technology in carpet cleaning does not get the dry soil up and only forces the remaining soil to go deeper down to a point of no return.

It’s like when you go to a car wash that only sprays and blows off the water, your car is still dirty in many places. The car wash with the pads that rub or swish against the vehicle remove the grime and are rinsed away. Carpet cleaning is an art and most think any carpet cleaner will do, this however is not wise thinking and are paying to have carpets cleaned in the first place. No matter who cleans your carpet a vacuuming must always be done first. Its easier to blow off a drive way then to spray it with water. Same applies here, the carpet and rug research studies show almost 70 percent of soil and dirt are removed through the vacuum. This leaves 30 percent to be cleaned. Eco Earth Cleaning Services have gone the extra distance to show you using animation just how our process works.