Bed Bug Removal

Bed Bugs are on the rise here in the sunshine state

Steam can harness the power to rid bed bugs and their eggs completely . With high steam temperatures bed bugs don’t stand a chance against the 230 degree steam compression. Any egg larva will also be be destroyed to prevent against any further infestation. Eco Earth Carpet Cleaning and Sanitizing uses up-to-date technology to kill and destroy bed bugs in your home or business. Bed Bugs being treated by a pest control professional (which we don’t recommend, highly toxic) can be costly and sometimes ineffective.

Besides the obvious, steam being hot enough to kill means no left over harmful residue, harmful poisons or cancer causing toxins. Steaming has potential to remove bacteria and lingering mildew. Steam treatment is one of the most recommended methods for eliminating Bed Bugs in the industry. In fact steam kills all stages of bed bugs without the use of chemicals. Sleeping on a surface that has been soaked in chemicals is not only unpleasant smelling but poses additional potential health hazards. Successful treatment depends on an Integrated Pest Management approach to bed bug control. This involves, steaming and vacuuming, laundering belongings, plus routine mattress cleanings can uncover the tiny night time critters. We offer residential and commercial bed bug removal with a treatment plan in place that makes you feel cozy and comfortable you get a better night sleep just knowing your bed is clean and bug free. We offer different plans for your specific situation