Pet Odor Removal

Pet odor removal

The urine by household dogs and cats is really a problem. First the stain from urine is noticeable in lighter color carpets and can be obvious to others. The contamination and foul odor are the bigger problems. If not taken seriously the odor can move into curtains or other fabrics just like cigarette odor. Locating the urine deposits is the first step. With our results you will be amazed. Eco Earth Carpet Cleaners and Sanitizing can give you a 100% guarantee no smell. Most companies try to mask the problem leaving homeowners down the road feeling like they were ripped-off. To locate all the urine, we get help from UV lights.

Your nose is the most obvious to detect pet urine is in the carpet. Locating urine with your nose is the most exact method. Unfortunately, urine odors will defuse in the air and can be tricky as to the exact location. UV lighting will help pinpoint the urine deposits quicker.

Pets will urinate continually in the same spot making the problem worse and the damage that is done can get costly. Pet urine will crave through your carpeting in little time. Spread its way to the framework and walls in your home. Don’t let this happen pick up the phone and call us we here to help. Eco Earth’s solution gets to the urine and starts removing the smell instantly.

Eco Earth Carpet Cleaning suggestions:

If your carpet has a terrible pet odor, get expert advice first Just because your carpet smells bad, that doesn’t mean it has to be torn out and junked. Our carpet cleaners have a very effective sanitizing odor product which neutralizes the odor. We may have to soak the area in carpet with our special solution to remove the affected part of the padding where the odor is coming from. This is more affordable then replacing the padding.