RV-Auto Sanitizing

Everyone love’s the new car smell, it’s a source of pride when getting a new car

As the new car smell fades and the new disturbing odors arrive its time to sanitize your vehicle
Our technology used to treat homes and businesses to eliminate toxic indoor pollution and contaminants can be used to sanitize the car’s interior, new or used is highly recommended.

Parents of young kids to the fast paced business person on the go know all too well how a vehicle can become a Dumpster on wheels. Even the cleanest mommy’s have trouble keeping up with the car when it comes to cleanliness.

It’s because women tend to drive the family car more often, which holds the car seats and children’s germs, according to a study by the auto industry. Because of the extreme heat and often moist conditions cars breed germs. The most bacteria were more frequently found on the steering wheel, than anywhere else! The car door handles can in second, who would believe that a babies car seat would be third.

This is where Eco Earth Cleaning Services can be very important to your family’s health or that of your workers in your company vehicles.

Removing those unwanted smells is just part of the overall picture. It’s your health that gets the benefit not just your nose. Sanitize your work trucks or family car every six months can be a huge help to your employee’s health or your family including you. Yes it looks nice to have the vehicle washed and wax and every so often detailed but all this does no good if your health is still jeopardy.

Auto Sanitizing : $39.99
Motorcoach : $69.99
SemiTruck : $49.99
RV/ Motor Home : $39.99