When is it a good time to clean your carpets?

What time of year is best to clean your carpets?

Studies have shown that at any point carpets can be cleaned. The carpet and rug institute has determined from the manufactures that carpet cleaning is recommended once a year or no longer than eighteen months. Most homeowners wait for the carpet appearance to show it needs cleaning rather than scheduling a yearly maintenance on having them cleaned. It’s common practice for carpet owners to clean spring or fall and go with the seasonal changes. Having carpets cleaned before the holidays is systematic for some. The look and feel of clean carpets when having holiday guest over is always nice. The warm smell of candles burning in the fall just before Thanksgiving is always nice to coincide with clean carpet. The other is the birds of spring chirping as you open the windows to allow the fresh spring air in. This is another time of year homeowners tend to have carpets cleaned. So back to the question at hand. When is it a good time of year to clean your carpets? Eco Earth Carpet Cleanings answer anytime is always a good time, remember dust and allergens don’t always follow the seasons. Dust mites are a year round problem that live in your carpet and can cause you visits to the local doctor. One certain care that most can do on their own is to vacuum, and not just once a week. Vacuum twice a week is recommended by the Carpet Institute. One trick when vacuuming is to slow down give the suction a chance to work, don’t zip through when pulling out the vacuum. The deep down soil is pressed in and needs more time to shake free and release up into the suction of the vacuum.
Business carpeting should be cleaned twice a year due to more traffic volume. And the vacuuming increased to three times per week.
Don’t wait until your carpet looks dirty to have them cleaned. Take your clothes for example just because they don’t look dirty does not mean your not going to change and wash them. Carpets retain the dust in the air that has filtered down and add the soil that is tracked in from shoes and spills of food to it. Down in your carpet lives a breeding ground for germs and other containment’s. Eco Earth Carpet Cleaning and Sanitizing that serves south Florida along the east coast “one of Florida’s premier carpet cleaning companies” tells their customers at any time you feel carpets should be cleaned to not wait until they show it, have them vacuumed and cleaned on a regular basis. This can cut down on the cost of having to replace carpet before your forced to put more money into your home. www.ecoearthfloorcare.com