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Dust Mites Removal

How It Works

Eco Earth Carpet Cleaning & Sanitizing mattress cleaning system is based on high temperature steam machine engineered device that kills and extracts the dust mites and other harmful bacteria that are deeply embedded in your mattresses and pillows items.
The high pressure steam process is an all natural and chemical-free, the procedure that effectively removes and destroys dust mites, bacteria and other harmful debris such as fungal spores that are commonly found in all mattresses.

It is a completely non-invasive and totally safe. Its the most effective way to disinfect any mattress, regardless of its age, size or style. Vital Oxide has been developed is an extension of the same methods that the medical profession's has been using for years.

Countries like Europe have led the way in bringing this safe, chemical-free, dust mite and allergen eliminating process to their people. Europeans have been cleaning and sanitizing mattresses for years. In todays society many never have their mattresses every cleaned yet they lay their heads everyday on un healthy pillows and mattresses.
Eco Earth Carpet Cleaning has been performing hundreds of mattress cleaning and sanitizing services every week here in the U.S. This explains why we have(or need) so many Allergy Doctors per capita as you would find any where in the world.

It doesn't matter how much you change the sheets or even if you've tried vacuuming the mattress. Dust Mites are there and could number in the range two million or more, along with other harmful bacteria and contaminants deeply embedded into the tightly woven fabric.

There's only one safe, chemical -free way to clean and sanitize a mattress and pillow in your bedroom properly, our technology of Eco Earth Carpet Cleaning & Sanitizing will remove and kill the containment's that maybe harming you while you sleep. Our system in cleaning your mattress is state of the art and our service is unparalleled.

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