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Starting business from the ground up has been one of his best traits. Years of business has taught Jim to understand that a friendly smile and a job done well goes a long way. Releaf Trees, a nursery here in Florida, was built off the very idea that nature is its own beauty. Jim believes that doing work can be eco friendly without having to use all the toxic chemicals to hurt the environment. His belief in do a job "once" and "do it right" is the only way to conduct a sound business.

Our System:

Cleaning your home or office can be environmentally friendly and cost effective. The OP system (OSCILLATING PAD) is a LOW MOISTURE system with high dirt retention. Using less water than tradional carpet cleaning machines need. This means our carpets can dry in less than an hour. With the true meaning of 100% satisfaction and a warm smile your job will be done just as you have expected.

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James Christianson
(with daughter Melana Christianson)
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